About Us

Furaat, a design lead company was setup by entrepreneur brothers Habil and Yusufi Attarwala. The company is engaged in providing rainwater harvesting solutions.

The solutions are in the form of precast modular systems that can adapt itself to various site condition and are highly reliable and efficient. Our patented modules, filters rainwater that can be later used for various water requirements.

Our systems are installed across the nation ranging from individual residences, farm houses, urban townships, institutes, government projects and major industrial plants.

The company has empanelled with senior geohydrologists and water consultants.

The Rain Studio

The design studio is headed by Dinesh Sharma, Product Designer, NID Ahmedabad. It is a dedicated design studio, which is involved in research and design activities in the field of water conservation and sustainability. 

Our services

  • Statutory compliance & comprehensive study on
    groundwater extraction & rainwater conservation
  • Rainwater harvesting solutions
  • High speed re-charge borewells
  • Efficient borewell upto 1000 feet

our rainwater harvesting systems are Green pro certified by indian green building council